Remembering Indian Soldiers at Diwali in London

Diwali in London Stage

The Remembering Indian Soldiers Project was a part of the Mayor of London's Diwali Celebrations at Trafalgar on 16.10.2016. Stalls no 10 and 11 were what became the India 1914 Marquee.

This was an extension of the Project's goal to raise awareness amongst communities about the role of India in WW1 and the fact that India sent 1.5 million men, the largest voluntary force, which included both combatants and non-combatants. Besides this India contributed in terms of both money and material.


The Exhibition included 4 Panels showcasing the contribution of 8 different communities; Jats, Rajputs, Marathas, Bengalis, Dogras, Zoroastrians, Gurkhas, and Garhwalis.

There was also a 3 panel stand factually depicting the different theatres of war, the Victoria Cross awardees and detail of India' s contributions along with the contribution of the Indian Princely States.

Project Leaflets, Zoroastrian Event Posters, and India 1914 cards were distributed at the event. The public was asked to write messages to Indian soldiers both on postcards and online.


8 volunteers from Imperial College went around the venue distributing leaflets and talking to the public about the project. 15 Sai School children paid tribute to the Indian Soldiers of 1914, by marching on the stage.

Visitors to the stall  

An estimated 1000 people visited the stall. Many engaged in conversation and there were a good number of questions and suggestions.

Visitor Feedback


Why a project which looks into the past?

Why not other wings of the armed forces like the Air Force?


Had no knowledge of the Indian role.

Really liked it.

Need for such a project.

More community/ person specific information.


Raised awareness.

Engaged the community.

Initiated a dialogue around the subject.

Youth engagement through Sai School and Imperial College.

Enabled youth to speak about the project and the subject.

Messages written to Indian Soldiers.

Cards and Leaflets distributed to 700 people.

Tribute by Sai School children in front of an audience of 50,000.

Download: GTF Presentation | Messages

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