Thank You

Inspiring Young Minds, 1918-2018

“Inspiring Young Minds” is a Bus that houses an interactive, audio-visual travelling educational exhibition on our shared history and heritage.
This exhibition on the Role of Indian soldiers during The Great War (World War 1) the bus (owned by Golden Tours but loaned to the project) will bring to the participating community centres, a shared remembrance of their communities’ contribution in shaping the Great Britain of today.
The “Inspiring Young Minds” project consolidates and disseminates the outcomes and oral histories documented as part of the India1914 project of the Golden Tours Foundation.
The project will be rolled out to..
  • • Include the shared remembrance of the ethnic communities’ contribution in the World War 1.
  • • Thank all who served, sacrificed and changed our world.

Join the ‘Thank you’ movement.
The “Inspiring Young Minds” and ‘Thank You” initiative calls on local communities and schools to …
  • Grab this opportunity to invite “Inspiring Young Minds” interactive, audio-visual travelling educational exhibition to your community. Book now, to avoid disappointment as we only have limited availability between April 2018 to July 2018
  • Promote greater public understanding and awareness of the Indian contribution during the World War 1.
  • Be actively involved in the reconstruction of our shared history.
  • “Join The Movement” with the shared remembrance of the contribution of various ethnic soldiers during the World War.
  • Share, with friends and family, ‘educational toolkits’ and e-book that includes a synopsis of what they learn on the bus as well as a set of pin badges with the remembrance and thank you symbols to take away.

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