Zoroastrian Centre In Harrow

During the First World War, the forgotten Zoroastrian community in India played a vital role in supporting the British. The Zoroastrians volunteered their service through money and material.

Properties to treat the wounded, doctor, and positive vibes whilst the duration of World War 1. Yet why are they forgotten?

The Zoroastrians like their other sister communities in India participated in the First World War. The Zoroastrians casualties were significantly smaller in comparison to the other communities from India but this was because of the fact that they are a very small community only numbering in tens of thousands. Nevertheless, the First World War did have an impact on the Zoroastrian population. According to the 1921 census, the Zoroastrians population saw a slow growth rate due to the death of Zoroastrians serving in the First World War.


We never knew that our ancestors sacrificed for our freedom today

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