Avanti House School

Avanti House School; first opened in September 2012, are a 11–19 Hindu-faith school – part of the multi-academy, Avanti Schools Trust.

The School’s core values are central to all what they do in developing young people. Whilst drawn from the Vaishnavist tradition of the Hindu Faith, their ethos also attracts students from families from across all faiths and from those of none. This school is a fully inclusive school with no faith-based admissions criteria.

Avanti have over 600 students and would therefore organized for the students to ‘walk’ thru the Exhibition Bus, Take a Group picture, then proceed to the Hall. Avanti requested us to provide the same material for the Hall where the exhibition can be viewed better. Its is hear in the Hall the we plan to show the complete ‘Inspiring Young Minds’ video.

Bob Blackman MP (Harrow East) addressed all the Students and spoke about the importance of remembering the contribution and sacrifice of (undivided) India during WW1.


I never realised the bravery of these men from India

India is a nation of different faiths, languages, culture and wonder how they managed to contribute as one.

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